Pix Casino Payment Solution


Introduced by the Central Bank of Brazil in 2020, Pix emerged as a groundbreaking real-time payment platform that rapidly transformed the payment ecosystem in Brazil. It was designed to respond to the growing need for an instantaneous, secure, and efficient payment platform operating round-the-clock.

Pix was conceived for the purpose of making digital payments more streamlined and accessible to everyone. This led to the development of a platform that caters to casino players as long as they have a bank account. A defining feature of Pix is its instantaneous payment functionality, which enables money transfers within seconds, thus significantly enhancing the customer transaction experience.

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Here’s how it works: users create a Pix Alias, which can be their email, phone number, the Taxpayer Identification Number (CPF or CNPJ), or a randomly generated code. Online casinos usually have a randomly generated code linked to their bank account.

For transactions, users simply enter the recipient’s Pix Alias, and the funds are transferred almost immediately. The whole process eliminates the need for entering extensive bank details. Notably, Pix also facilitates intuitive QR code-based transactions, which only adds to its appeal.

Pix’s remarkable performance is evident from the statistics published by the Central Bank of Brazil. In its initial year of operation, Pix reported over 83 million registered users and facilitated 1 billion transactions, demonstrating its rapid expansion and proving its efficiency and reliability.

By integrating Pix through SoftGamings’ unified API platform, online casinos can access its extensive user base. It offers Brazilian players a familiar, trusted, and instantaneous method for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Pros and Cons

Pix offers a lot of perks to players, but there are also some aspects of the system that may seem unfavourable in the online casino environment. Here are the pros and cons to help you decide whether you should integrate Pix.


  • Instant payments 24/7
  • Low costs for operators
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy automation and integration
  • No limits


  • Available only in Brazil
  • No withdrawals

How to Use Pix in Online Casinos

Online casino players who want to make a deposit via Pix need to have an active bank account, unlike with Boleto Bancário, for example.

The actual procedure involves selecting Pix in the casino’s Cashier/Banking section, under the deposit options. A QR code will be automatically displayed once players enter the desired amount.

Users can scan the QR code with their mobile banking app, see the details of the transaction, and complete it just like any online banking payment. They can also use the Pix Alias of the casino in question and enter it into their online banking system using their desktop computers.

Pix diligently verifies each transaction to ensure that it adheres to the rules established by the Central Bank of Brazil. It confirms that there are sufficient funds in the originating account to carry out the transaction. Additionally, the system screens transactions to detect and prevent potentially fraudulent activity or breaches of regulations designed to thwart money laundering and terrorist financing.


Pix is solely available in Brazil, where it is used by 71% of the population. It generates a monthly volume of over $100 million from transferred funds.

Payment Methods

Pix is a self-contained payment method that speeds up traditional online banking transactions for online casino players. They are only required to have a bank account — that way, they can wire money to the casino almost instantly.

Customer Support

All operators who choose to integrate Pix through SoftGamings’ unified API platform will have a dedicated customer support team on their side throughout the integration process and afterwards. You can communicate with the agents 24/7 via multiple channels and get the help you need at all times.


All data and transactions are monitored and safeguarded by the Central Bank of Brazil in compliance with local financial rules and regulations. The transfers are protected by state-of-the-art cryptography and authentication systems, which ensure no unauthorised third-party access is ever permitted.


Pix is an instant payment system founded by the Central Bank of Brazil. This governing body also oversees it according to regulations on fraud risk, thereby preventing money laundering, terrorist financing (AML/CTF initiatives), and more.


Should you integrate Pix into an online casino?

Pix provides a seamless, efficient, and real-time payment platform, which makes it a preferred choice for online casinos. It caters to a vast user base in Brazil and operates 24/7, making transactions possible at any time.

How secure is Pix for online casino transactions?

Pix adheres to stringent security measures laid out by the Central Bank of Brazil. It ensures the presence of sufficient funds in accounts and monitors transactions for any signs of fraudulent activity or regulatory breaches, thereby guaranteeing secure transactions.

Is Pix a licensed payment platform?

Yes, Pix is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil. This means that it adheres to strict financial and security standards, which makes it a trustworthy payment option.

Does Pix charge any fees for its transactions?

Pix does not generally charge users for personal transactions. However, fees for businesses and certain transaction types may apply. It’s recommended that users refer to their individual bank or the official Pix website for specific fee information.