Google Pay Casino Payment Solution


Google Pay is a digital wallet and online payment system developed by Google. Formerly known as Google Wallet, it became Google Pay in 2018 to integrate various Google payment services into a unified platform.

The journey of Google Pay began in 2011 when Google Wallet was first launched as a peer-to-peer payment service. Over the years, it expanded its functionality to include online and in-store payments, as well as the ability to send money through Gmail and Google Assistant. In 2015, Google introduced Android Pay, which later merged with Google Wallet to create Google Pay.

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Google Pay offers numerous advantages for iGaming enthusiasts. Firstly, it provides a seamless and secure payment experience, allowing users to easily link their credit or debit cards to make deposits and withdrawals. Secondly, it supports a wide range of online casinos, making it a convenient option for players. Lastly, with its integration into various Google services and compatibility with Android devices, Google Pay offers a cohesive and user-friendly experience for all parties.

Google Pay Updates

  • 2024 — Google Pay launches in India.
  • 2024 — Google Pay to be discontinued in the U.S., and become integrated in Google Wallet.

Pros and Cons


  • Advanced encryption
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast transactions


  • Deposit-only method

How to use Google Pay in Online Casinos

Provided you have downloaded Google Pay on your Android device and added and verified your card, here are the next steps you need to take to use the method in online casinos:

  1. Choose a reputable online casino that accepts Google Pay and sign up.
  2. Go to the casino’s Deposit, Cashier, or Banking page.
  3. Select Google Pay.
  4. Enter the deposit amount.
  5. When prompted by a pop-up window, choose your funding source, be it a credit or debit card.
  6. Authorise payment by using TouchID or your security code to finalise the transaction.
  7. Funds will instantly reflect in your casino account after completion.


Google Pay is available wherever Google Play is available.

Payment Methods

Google Pay supports credit and debit card payments, including American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Visa, and Visa Electron.

Available Currencies

Google Pay is available in close to 200 countries worldwide, making all the local currencies available.

Main Benefits of Google Pay

Google Pay, as part of the Google Wallet system, is packed with features. Here are some of the most important benefits of using this method for online gambling:

Instant Deposits

— Google Pay offers swift and secure deposit processes, with transactions typically completing almost immediately. Additionally, the chances of a deposit being rejected are minimal.

Player-to-Player Transfers

— Even though you cannot store funds directly in a Google Pay account, it facilitates easy money transfers between players in the U.S.. By linking your card or bank account, you can quickly send funds to friends, making it convenient for peer-to-peer transactions.

Multiple Payment Options

— One of Google Pay’s significant advantages is the variety of payment methods it supports. Users can fund their Google Pay accounts using credit and debit cards, bank accounts, e-money, QUICPay, PayPal, gift cards, promo codes, and even cryptocurrencies. This flexibility makes it easy for bettors to manage their funds.

Player Experience

Google Pay is a secure way of making deposits into your online casino account, and with a global presence of the payment method, there are scores of options to use it. All deposits are processed instantly, and through the TouchID verification, you get to confirm it.

Now, what users also note is that even though some casinos may not list Google Pay as the official method, we can still use it to automatically load information for our credit/debit card which is linked to our Google Wallet. This way, the entire procedure gets faster.

On the other hand, Google Pay is not so common choice among offshore operators, and does not process withdrawals, so players need to be careful when selecting it as their preferred payment method.

Transaction Limits

Deposits Up to $5,000
Withdrawals N/A

Customer Support

In addition to the Google Pay support centre, with various help topics you can browse, support agents can be contacted via several channels. You can request a call, use live chat, or send an email.


Google Pay never shares your card details with online casinos or online retailers. Instead, they receive a unique encrypted number. Moreover, all transactions are protected by the latest encryption technology and security features, giving users peace of mind.


Google Pay is operated by Google Payment Corp. (GPC). GPC is a licensed money transmitter for peer-to-peer transactions in the U.S.


Is Google Pay secure for online casino transactions?

Yes, Google Pay uses advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure safe and secure online transactions.

Can players withdraw winnings using Google Pay?

No. Online casinos only permit Google Pay for deposits. However, always check the casino’s policies to be sure.

Are there fees associated with using Google Pay?

Google Pay doesn’t charge transaction fees, but the casino or your bank might. Review terms before proceeding.

How quickly do funds get transferred?

Deposits via Google Pay are nearly instant. However, withdrawal times may vary depending on the casino’s processing speed.