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Top-10 Pariplay slots: the key to the audience’s heart

Pariplay Ltd. is a well-known and respected B2B-provider developing omnichannel gambling solutions. The company’s main forte is a portfolio consisting of exceptional games with unique bonus features. These games are engaging and have a flavor so the gamblers keep coming back again and again.

To introduce you to Pariplay’s games we’ve created a chart consisting of 10 best slots that can complement a modern casino. Let’s start, shall we?

10. Las Cucas Locas

A cheerful Mexico-inspired slot. Classic 5 reels and 25 pay lines are combined with the unusual bonus features. ”Las Cucas Locas” offers the gamblers a bonus game plus scatter and wild symbols that also work as multipliers. During the bonus game, the gambler hits the pinatas to get that reward.

This game has no free spins round but this little flaw is compensated with beautiful animation and a nice soundtrack. A perfect choice for those who’d like to spend some time playing a fun and profitable game.

Las Cucas Locas Softgamings

Las Cucas Locas 2 Softgamings

9. Black Widow

A game from Pariplay’s “Atari” collection. Inspired by the so-named arcade game that came up in 1982. Unlike ”Las Cucas Locas”, it’s quite a severe and “masculine” game with lots of weapons, shots and extermination mini-games. It has high-quality graphics, free spins round and two bonus games.

Noteworthy is that one of the mini-games launches after only two bonus symbols appear on the reels (and not 3 as usual). It’s rather easy to get any of the bonus rounds so the game sessions last longer.

Black Widow Softgamings

Black Widow 2 Softgamings

8. Asteroids

Another game from “Atari” series. This time space-themed. Old-school 8-bit animation and a dynamic soundtrack. The slot is remarkable for the Pariplay’s landmark wild bonuses and free spins round.

Every wild in “Asteroids” is sticky and stays in the cell for at least one re-spin. The wilds appearing in the bottom of the second and the fourth reel are expanding and stay in the game until the first nonwinning spin. Consequently, the “winning series” make this slot so popular among the gamblers.

Asteroids Softgamings

Asteroids 2 Softgamings

7. Sharknado

A slot based on the “Sharknado” movie. Is one of the gamblers’ favorite due to the “free spins”, “random wilds”, and “Sharknado mode” features.

Random wilds are generated by the system after the helicopter hits a nuclear bomb on a game field. After the explosion, the random number of wilds remains there and forms a winning combo.

“Sharknado Mode” is also activated randomly. During this round all of the winnings are multiplied by 2, 3, 4 or 5.Every game lasts for a random number of spins (determined randomly).

Sharknado Softgamings

Sharknado 2 Softgamings

6. Star Raiders

“Atari” slot based on a space theme. This game’s schtick is a “locked wild” feature. Once the wild appears on the reels it is locked there for 2-5 next spins (the exact number is determined randomly). So the gambler is guaranteed to have at least one wild during the next few rounds. Frequently there are several “locked” wilds on the reels and their combination can get the user a big win.

Even though this slot isn’t equipped with the bonus game the round of free spins balances the whole thing. The free spins are awarded every time 3 relevant symbols appear.

Star Raiders Softgamings

Star Raiders 2 Softgamings

5. Bloodshot

Post-apocalypse recreated in a slot: monsters, aliens, blood, and guns…. “Bloodshot” is one of the slots with the game symbols taking two cells, which makes getting that bonus game more challenging (the bonus game activates when 3 bonus symbols appear on the reels). However, this challenge is compensated by the “random wilds” frequently appearing on the game field.

“Bloodshot’s” bonus round is truly unique. The gambler spins a reward wheel and gets either a multiplier or one of two mini-games. But whichever will pop up on that wheel, the player will be satisfied.

Bloodshot Softgamings

Bloodshot 2 Softgamings

4. Froots

A game for the fans of classic fruit slots. 720 pay lines plus cute animation and an exotic soundtrack.

But don’t worry! The bonus “filling” will impress even the hypercritical gamblers. The round of free spins is launched every time 3 palm symbols appear (the more bonus symbols there are on the reels the more spins the gambler gets).

“Sticky” wilds stay on the game field for another re-spin and expanding wilds (bottom cells of 2nd and 4th reel) increase the winning chances even more.

Froots Softgamings

Froots 2 Softgamings

3. X-O Manowar

A brilliant gambling gamification sample. Every winning fills up a “Shanhara Orb”. Once the orb is 100% filled the gambler gets a booster (a cash prize, free spins or “sticky” wilds). The orbs for the groups of 5. Once the 5th orb is filled the gambler gets an access to the next “chapter” with some new orbs and a new slot background.

This schtick is more than enough to encourage the gambler to spend hours playing “X-O Manowar”. However, it’s not the only forte of the game. The available bonuses include “sticky” and “locked” wilds, free spins and a bonus round with 5 mini-games to choose from!

X-O Manowar Softgamings

X-O Manowar 2 Softgamings

2. Fire vs Ice

A classic theme of the fire and ice eternal fight in a beautiful fantasy skin. One of the game’s main advantages is its amazing graphics combined with a charming music. It’s a pure pleasure to watch the game symbols change on the reels!

Another benefit of this slot is an ability to get that bonus in two different ways. The first one is classic (get 3 matching symbols on the reels). The second one is exclusive. One of the elements needs to “win over” another one.

All of the game symbols are either “ice” or “fire”. On the top of the slot, you will find two balanced guns (fire and ice). Each winning makes a matching gun stronger. Once one of the elements cuts out the other one the gun will explode and the gambler will get the reward (a bonus game if ice wins and free spins if fire wins).

Fire vs Ice Softgamings

Fire vs Ice 2 Softgamings

1. Pets

A cheerful cartoonish slot with the game symbols taking two cells, two bonus games, and a signature “random” wilds.

Unlike more rough Pariplay’s games (like “Bloodshot” or “Black Widow”) that might be not for every gambler in the world, “Pets” is the one that works for literally everybody.

Cute and funny pets theme is amusing and engaging at the same time. The black cat throws random wilds on the reels on a regular basis. And the bonus game graphics with a Guiney pig chasing a piece of cheese will allow nobody to stay indifferent.

The bonus round may get the gambler a multiplier or an access to one of two profitable mini-games. Despite the fact, this slot has only 40 pay lines, almost every spin is a winning one. No wonder players just love “Pets”.

Pets Softgamings

Pets 2 Softgamings

In conclusion

This post has gathered the best Pariplay slot solutions. As you can see, the provider’s portfolio offers a wide range of games and will be a great choice even for the operators running a niche casino. Pariplay’s exclusive gambling content can make every casino viable and even more successful.

Besides, it’s super easy to get Pariplay’s games into your portfolio. All you have to do is to book “Slots Bundle” service by Softgamings. It combines the best slot games created by more than 40 top world gambling providers. Softgamings team will provide the quick and easy seamless API integration. Book “Slots Bundle” now and you’ll be able to experience the result of your investment much sooner than you expect.

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