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SoftGamings’ unified API features Patagonia software now!

SoftGamings is always on the lookout for new partnerships from which the customers, our company, and the partner company can benefit together. Patagonia Entertainment is the kind of company we are hoping to partner up with.
SoftGamings & Patagonia Entertainment
Patagonia has all the needed qualities:

  • Young
  • Perspective
  • Ambitious
  • Provides world-class services
  • Goes well with our unified API bundles

Bingo Player’s Heaven

Patagonia might not have a huge library of games, but the ones they do have are extremely fun to play. Their speciality is developing new and entertaining bingo games.

Some of the most popular are:

  • Super Zodiac Bingo
  • Candy Bingo
  • Super Pachinko
  • Pirates
  • Super Hot Bingo
  • Candy Bingo 3D

There are 13 bingo games available in total. Unfortunately, that doesn’t sound like enough to get your business going, unless the only thing you’re looking for is a dozen of bingo games. This is where SoftGamings’ unified API comes into play.

With only one simple API integration, you can get access to over 50 other software providers, besides Patagonia, and thousands of their games. There are all kinds of games available, including slot machines, roulette wheels, baccarat, sports betting platforms, and many more casino games.

The most important fact about Patagonia games is that they are well-optimised and designed using the mobile-first principle. That means that the developers and designers made games primarily for mobile screens, optimising them afterwards for bigger resolutions. This approach is quite popular nowadays and seems to be very successful.

Candy Bingo

In case you have never played bingo games in the past, Candy Bingo is a great game that will help you get started. The player is offered four different bingo sheets, each containing 15 numbers. The machine in the middle of the screen pumps out 34 numbers in every round. The goal of the game is to match as many numbers as possible with the ones on your sheet while trying to create winning arrays.

Candy Bingo differs from other bingo games because you can request up to 10 additional balls to drop from the machine after the initial 34. That allows you to keep playing in case you’re only missing one or two numbers for the grand jackpot, for example.

Patagonia Candy Bingo

Security is Number One Priority

Staying safe and knowing that your deposits and withdrawals are going to be processed as quickly as possible every time you request them is necessary to fully enjoy online gambling. The best way to make sure that all of your funds are safe and that you are getting the same gambling odds as everyone else is to play games developed by prominent, licenced companies.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about security while playing Patagonia games for two reasons:

  • They are licenced by Curacao
  • They own certificates for their games provided by BMM

With years of success in the online gambling industry, these two regulatory bodies are well-known in the industry.

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