UnionPay International Casino Payment Solutions

UnionPay International is a card system that belongs to China UnionPay, a state-owned financial corporation with headquarters in Shanghai, China. It has ensured the acceptance of its cards in 181 countries worldwide, plus their issuance in 79 countries and regions. The system boasts partnerships with more than 2,500 institutions on a global scale, making it one of the largest cross-border payment systems on the market.
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A consortium of banking institutions in China created UnionPay in 2002 to propel domestic payment settlements and inter-banking transactions on all kinds of platforms. The chief backers of UnionPay are the Chinese government and its largest commercial lenders.

The major shareholders of the company include the People’s Bank of China, the Commercial Bank of China, and other behemoths of the financial sector in Asia.

In 2012, UnionPay established UnionPay International, a subsidiary in charge of the expansion into foreign markets. So far, the company has inked deals with more than 2,500 institutions across the world, securing the acceptance of its debit, credit, and prepaid cards in 181 countries.

In fact, UnionPay is the number one card issuer in the world, with 9.4 billion cards in circulation, according to data released by researcher Nilson. More than 30% of all card transactions are completed using UnionPay cards, a result topped only by Visa, with its 40% market share.

Pros and Cons


  • Increased market presence
  • Mobile payment services
  • Good track record
  • Top-level safety
  • Withdrawals possible via UnionPay MoneyExpress service


  • Withdrawals incur fees

How to Use UnionPay in Online Casinos

Before users can make a successful UnionPay deposit, they must have an open account with the given online casino and a UnionPay card. With that out of the way, customers may proceed to the actual transaction.
  1. Upon logging in to your casino account, head to the Banking/Cashier section.
  2. Select UnionPay under the list of available options.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  4. Enter UnionPay card number and other verification details.
  5. Input the SMS code to verify the transaction.
  6. Confirm the payment.
As for withdrawals, the situation is a bit different. Namely, cashouts are only possible through the UnionPay​ MoneyExpress​ remittance service available in 57 countries worldwide and through 20 mainstream remittance service providers, such as MoneyGram.

In case an online casino offers such an option, they will only have to use the UnionPay banking system and enter​ the​ receiver’s​ 16-digit​ card​ number,​ name,​ amount, and the purpose of the payment. All withdrawals incur a fee that is normally charged to the customer.


UnionPay’s network of regions and countries has been growing steadily over the past couple of years. It is supported by 181 countries and regions, including the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and many more.

Payment Methods

UnionPay International issues debit, credit, and prepaid cards, much like Visa and Mastercard. The cards contain 16 numbers, an expiration date, and a matching PIN code, all of which are necessary for customers to make a successful casino transaction. UnionPay operates the world’s largest PIN-based network in the world, thus making each debit card transaction completely secure at all times.

Customer Support

UnionPay runs a customer support service in all regions where it does business, including Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, and Africa. There’s an overseas service hotline for pressing matters, such as reports of stolen or lost cards, as well as dedicated email addresses for all the regions and countries where it’s available.


UnionPay takes security as seriously as possible. Apart from using the latest encryption technology to safeguard all sensitive information, UnionPay has employed machine-learning algorithms powered by Inter’s technology to identify risks and mitigate them.


UnionPay’s international product is licensed in all jurisdictions in which it operates. This company has even brought some of the first cross-border QR code payment solutions in South-East Asia — for instance, in Nepal.


Can players use UnionPay in online casinos?

Yes, they can. UnionPay is an effective payment method that can support deposits as well as withdrawals.

Is UnionPay free to use in online casinos?

Most online casinos do not charge any fees for using UnionPay. However, there will be a fee associated with withdrawals, and it’s charged by the UnionPay MoneyExpress service.

How many countries accept UnionPay?

UnionPay is available in 181 countries and regions worldwide.

Is UnionPay safe to use?

Yes, UnionPay is completely safe to use. It employs SSL encryption systems, together with fraud and identity theft systems powered by machine learning.