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The new standards for complaints processes in the gambling industry

The UK Gambling Commission is committed to keeping the gambling industry in check by formulating laws and rules to regulate the standards of operation in the gambling industry. The UK Gambling Commission just formulated some set of standards for the gambling industry which will take effect from 31st October 2018.
These new standards for complaints processes will provide enhanced protection for consumers, ensure that they are treated fairly and that their complaints are adequately addressed through the due processes. Similarly, the new standards will simplify existing complaints procedures which will help to build much trust and confidence in the consumers about the industry. The objectives of issuing the new standards by the Gambling Commission are

  • To streamline and simplify alternative dispute resolution procedures in the gambling industry.
  • To make the procedures more comfortable for consumers to access and understand
  • To ensure that ADR in the gambling sector continues to comply with the requirements of the ADR Regulations.
  • To facilitate that ADR timely meets the needs of consumers within the gambling industry.
  • To ensure that gambling businesses only use ADR providers that comply with these requirements.
  • To promote consistency of ADR approach for both consumers and gambling businesses.

Basically, the new standards and guidance centre about how the Gambling Commission and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) function effectively handle consumer complaints about a better gambling industry.

From October 31, 2018, when the new standards take effect, the Gambling Commission expects ADR providers to:

  • Consider as many consumer complaints as possible, and quickly inform consumers if they can address their complaints or not.
  • Inform consumers when they receive their complaints, and update them when they have successfully gathered all the information from the gambling business.
  • Carry consumers along all through the process for them to know what stage their complaints have reached.
  • Ensure that consumers have the right to request any information from the gambling business about their complaints (except otherwise stated by the law or regulations)
  • Provide information about the conclusion of the whole processes if it requires you to appeal or not.

The UK Gambling Commission stated that the agency is on the lookout for how ADR providers act in line with the new standards and that they will take the needed actions within their power always to protect the interest of the consumers.

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