Game Features

  • Bonus Bets
  • No Jackpot Payouts
  • No Free Games
  • No Autoplay Feature
  • No Multipliers

Game Description

Reminisce about playing in the brick and mortar casino through Blackjack by Platipus. The table is already set and the automated dealer is waiting for you to set your prefered stake. You can do this while comfortably seated at home. This slot is loaded with amazing features and payouts which will have you at the edge of your seat as you wait for the wins to land. Blackjack is an amazing video poker with awesome rewards and bonus features which will greatly boost your gaming experience. So get ready to uncover the secret moves hidden within this game by placing your bet.


  • 99.58 %
    Return to player
  • 1 €
    Min bet
  • 40 €
    Max bet
  • 100 €
    Maximum win

Theme & Graphics

Platipus has ensured that players have the best gaming experience and this is demonstrated by Blackjack. This video poker will have you hooked on the game as you continue to stake against the dealer. There are various payouts in this slot which will have your adrenaline pumping. This game does not have a background but you will find a table with the name of the game printed on the table mat. You will also find card shoes and the command bar set conveniently at the bottom of the game display. This allows you to set your prefered stake with ease. The graphics, on the other hand, have been rendered superbly allowing players to load and play the game without any difficulty. You do not need to download any software to enjoy this game as it can be played directly on your web browser. If you are searching for a different kind of gaming that is not slot machines, then this is the game to choose. It will award a regular payout between spins but you have to be patient for the big wins. Blackjack by Platipus is recommended for all players whether they are novices or veterans.


Blackjack just like its live version, is an amazing game where players can experience this casino game while comfortably seated at home. Blackjack is played on a table which accommodates only one single player. The game is automated and thus you will not have any dealer directing the game, instead, you will have sound effects which will replicate a real-life blackjack game. To play the game, you will be required to first set your prefered stake using the chips on the bottom of the game display. You can set your prefered stake from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 20. After setting your bet, you will then proceed to click the deal button where the automated dealer will deal cards. To beat the dealer, you have to have a number higher than the dealer and it must be 21 or closer to 21. Players who love to sit back and enjoy as wins land then this game does not have this feature. You have to play the game manually so that you can implement your strategy for the big wins.


In Blackjack, you will not find any predefined paylines, instead, you will find bets such as hit, stand, double, split, insurance and even money which will give you multiple opportunities to make a win with each gameplay. You have to have a sum of exactly 21 on your first two cards to win blackjack.

A Blackjack landed on the first 2 cards will beat a regular 21. this is the highest pay you can receive when you play this exciting game.


While you will find an exciting base game in Blackjack you will also find that this video casino game does not have the usual casino slot bonuses such as wilds, scatter symbols and free spins. Instead, you will find that there are bonus features such as insurance and elements which make this game exciting. The insurance bet is an exhilarating feature in this game as it allows you to win even when the dealer lands a 21. You can set this bet after the first game round and you are prompted to fold or bet. it will award a payout of up to 2:1. Other features include bet types such as hit, stand, double split and even money. These elements will give you the chance to manipulate the game as it continues. The hit is for the dealer to give you an extra card, the stand will allow you not to be dealt another card, double allows you to double your ante bet while split will split the cards dealt. even money it allows you to win the game even when the dealer has a blackjack. Apart from that, you have different elements in this game which make it easy to play. You will find elements such as the re-bet button which will give you smooth gaming experience. Other than these bonus features players do not have other features. You have to be satisfied using your strategy of winning the game.

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