Neon Roulette

Game Features

  • Inside Bets
  • Outside bets
  • Group Bets
  • Re-bet option
  • Autoplay button

Game Description

Explore an exciting game in Neon Roulette by Fugaso. Visit a virtual casino while comfortably seated at home as you play for huge rewards. It is loaded with amazing features and payouts that make the game exciting and fun to play. Neon Roulette is a roulette variation with an added zero to increase your chances of landing a win when spinning the wheel. So get ready to guess the correct number by clicking the spin button for the big wins.
Neon Roulette
Neon Roulette


  • 97.3 %
    Return to player
  • 0.1 €
    Min bet
  • 300 €
    Max bet
  • 10800 €
    Maximum win

Theme & Graphics

Fugaso has ensured that players have the best gaming experience and this is demonstrated by Neon Roulette. It does not have an intricate background but the game does incorporate a wonderful colour combination which makes the game attractive. Neon Roulette demonstrates the ingenuity of Fugaso when designing online casino games. The graphics have also been rendered superbly allowing players to load and play the game with ease. You do not need to download any software to enjoy this game as it can be played directly from your web browser. The best aspect of this table game is that you can play while on the go as it is mobile compatible. If you are searching for a medium variance game, then Neon Roulette is the game to choose. It will award a regular payout between game rounds but you need to formulate a strategy for the big wins. Neon Roulette is recommended for all players whether they are novices or veterans.


Neon Roulette follows the same principles as the normal live casino game. Your main aim when playing this game is to predict the winning numbers on the game layout. Neon Roulette features a wheel and a game layout marked with numbers 1 to 36 and of alternating colours red, green and black. It also has one zero, unlike the American Roulette variant which have a an extra zero. Before playing this game, you are required to set your preferred stake by adjusting the coin bet by clicking the prefered coin value and then placing it on your predicted number. Each click will place a coin chip and you can place as many coins as you want, provided you do not exceed the casino maximum bet. After placing your bet, you will click the spin button and the ball will roll inside the wheel and stopping at a particular number and colour. This number or colour will be the winning numbers and if you were correct, the wins are paid out.


In Neon Roulette, you will not find any paylines, instead, you will find bonus bets which will give you multiple opportunities to make a winning hand with each gameplay. You have to land your predicted number so as to receive a payout.

Watch out for the straight-up bet as this is the best bet in Neon Roulette. Landing this bet will award a high payout of up to 35:1.


You will find an interesting base game in Neon Roulette with bonus features which make the game exciting. You can place side bets which will allow you to increase your wins depending on the bet placed. The inside bet includes bets on a straight-up, a split, a street, a trio, corner bet, six-line and top line. These bets will award different payouts depending on the bet and its ratio. The highest amount you can receive is the straight-up which will award 35:1 and a low payout of up to 8:1. Outside bets consist of bets such as column, dozen, red, black, even, odd, first half and second half. These bets will award different payouts just as the inside bets but the payouts are much lower. You will receive a maximum payout of up to 2:1 for the column bet and a low payout of up to 1:1 for the second half bet.

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