Game Features

  • Chat Supported
  • Supported Devices: Mobile/Desktop
  • Different camera angles
  • Game History Preview
  • Special Bets

Game Description

The host is already at the set in Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming. Explore a new game from one of the leading gaming developers by playing this exciting game. It features a variety of betting options which will have you at the edge of your seat as you wait for the wins to land. Dragon Tiger is a simplified baccarat variant popular among Asian players. So get ready to make a winning hand by selecting your prefered winner for big wins.
Dragon Tiger
Dragon Tiger


  • 1 €
    Min bet
  • 5000 €
    Max bet


As stated earlier, Dragon Tiger is a simplified Baccarat game with amazing gameplay. Evolution Gaming has ensured that players have the best gaming experience through this game. Your main objective as a player is to guess whether the dragon or the tiger will draw the higher value card compared to the other so as to win. You can also place a bet on a tie which is when the dragon or tiger card values are of the same value. To start off, you will be required to set your prefered stake. you can do this through the interactive play area choosing the amount you desire to bet and placing it on your chosen winner (either the dragon, tiger, tie or suited tie) before the betting period elapses. If time ends, you will need to wait for the next game round. Dragon Tiger is played with eight decks (jokers are excluded) dispensed from a shoe. The host will deal a single card face up to both the dragon and the tiger. The card values range from the lowest to the highest with Aces with a value of 1 and Kings taking the highest value. Numbered cards take on their face value during gameplay.


  • Dragon - 1:1
  • Tiger - 1:1
  • Tie - 11:1
  • Suited Tie - 50:1


Dragon Tiger is brought to your from an exclusive location in Evolution Gaming studios with an amazing background. You will see shapes of dragons and tigers with the host set at the middle of the display. You will also see other dealers hosting other games from the background. It incorporates a wonderful colour combination of gold, red and black. The play area is interactive allowing players to set there prefered bets and predict who will win the game round without any difficulty. Other than the gaming aspects and locations, you will also find a beautiful game host who will welcome you to the game. All these aspects make the game exciting and fun to play.

Video description

Evolution Gaming has always ensured that they make quality games and this is demonstrated by Dragon Tiger. This online live casino game is delivered to you in high-quality video straight from their studios. This is to ensure that players do not miss any important aspect of the game as they play for huge rewards. You will find various camera angles focusing on various points of the game panel. One of the camera angles will focus on the dealer and the game table when the game progresses. After the cards have been dealt, the camera will change focus to the game table displaying the dealt cards. Unfortunately, there are no slow-motion replays in this game. However, you can view the winning cards from previous games from game history.

Native speaking dealers

Top native speaking dealers for virtually any language are available. 

Mobile/desktop interface

Evolution Gaming keeping with the latest gaming trends has given players the ability to play Dragon Tiger while on the go through their mobile phones. This ensures that players have the flexibility and freedom to play Dragon Tiger anywhere they want. The mobile interface will allow players to play the game in either landscape or portrait mode through the setting feature on the phone. The landscape mode offers a wider display and allows players to view the game clearly as it progresses. Dragon Tiger is a multiplayer game but it is delivered as a single-player game where you can only see your bets and wins. The navigational elements in this game have been set conveniently for you to access when playing this game. The coin chips are located right below the interactive betting area while the chat and game history features are located beside the game display.

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