Andar Bahar

Game Features

  • Chat Available
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Interactive Command Bar
  • Special Bets
  • Supported Devices: Mobile/Desktop

Game Description

Explore a new kind of gaming from XProGaming Andar Bahar. The stakes are high in this game as you play for the huge rewards hidden inside this game. It features amazing elements which allow you to manoeuvre through the game while playing for the big rewards. Andar Bahar is a simple 50/50 game involving a single deck of cards played between the house and the player. So get ready to predict the winner by placing your bets in this exciting game.


  • 1 €
    Min bet
  • 100 €
    Max bet


Andar Bahar is an exciting game from XProGaming studios offering players a 50/50 game which involves using a single pack of cards. This is a game between the house and the players. When the game starts, the dealer will deal a single card face-up on the joker spot then proceed to deal the other cards face-up on Andar and Bahar spots. When a card matched the value of the card placed on the joker card spot then the game ends. But before you can start playing the game, you will be required to set your required stake using the command bar at the bottom of the display. The coin chips are located at the right bottom of the display allowing you to set your bet between 1 and 100 Eur. After selecting the chip value you will click on the prefered position between A and B. If you manage to match the joker position card then a payout is awarded.


  • 1st Bahar - 1:1
  • 1st Andar - 1:1
  • 2nd Bahar - 1:1
  • 2nd Andar - 1:1
  • Side Bets Bahar - 1:8
  • Side Bets Andar - 1:8


When you load Andar Bahar, you will be welcomed by a beautiful lady who will guide you through the game. She and the game set are located at an exclusive location inside XProGaming studios. In the studio, you will see a red table, intricate wall patterns and an image of the Taj Mahal. This game is played in a single-mode where the dealer is streamed in a different screen on top of the interactive game board. It incorporates a wonderful colour combination of red and black which makes it attractive and fun to play. The overall environment is serene for gaming.

Video description

XProGaming has always ensured that players have the best gaming experience which makes the game exciting. The game is rendered to players in high-quality video feed to ensure that players do not miss anything as the game proceeds. The video feed can be adjusted between high or low depending on your internet connection. Andar Bahar does not have multiple cameras but this does not mean you will miss anything from the game. The camera will focus on the whole game set incorporating the host and the game table. The interactive game table at the bottom of the display will also display the winning values dealt by the host. Unfortunately, as this is a card game, there are no slow-motion replays but you can view the game result from the game history section.

Native speaking dealers

Top native speaking dealers for virtually any language are available.

Mobile/desktop interface

Andar Bahar is designed in a manner which allows players to enjoy the game without any difficulty. Aside from the high-quality video feed, you will find that its interactive game table is set conveniently at the bottom of the display allowing players to manipulate the game with ease. There are also other elements which have been included in the game which enables you to enjoy the game. You will find an undo button, which removes the last bet placed, the confirm button which confirms the bet placed and the cancel button which will cancel all the bets placed. The game is played in one mode which allows for only a single camera view. But this does not mean you cannot enjoy the game as you can also play the game while on the go through a mobile device. You can have a wonderful gaming experience by playing the game in landscape orientation.

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