Betradar — World-Class Sportsbook Software for Your Bookmaker’s Office

SoftGamings sports betting software is based on the powerful BetRadar solution. By integrating this betting software not only will you get access to over 550,000 events per year and 80 sports types, but also enjoy SoftGamings feature-rich Front-end and customisable Bonus System.

Betradar’s sportsbook solution comes with multiple plug-ins used to keep track of the odds, manage web resources, and collect and analyse information. Their software is rich in features and has excellent functionality, allowing you to easily set up your business from scratch.

About the Company

Betradar’s team is comprised of professionals who insist on a responsible approach when it comes to numbers and statistics, which can easily be seen from the way their platform is described on their official site. They have more than 5000 top-class specialists from a wide array of industries who work hard daily to build a high-quality product.

As a result, they deliver one of the best sports betting software in the industry. An excellent testament to that is the fact that their software is used by more than 450 offices in over 80 countries across the world.

Potential clients have an opportunity to open a bookie business and buy the sportsbook software directly from SoftGamings. Operators can take advantage of additional development or promotion services of our company and ask our team of consultants for any additional information.

As we’ve mentioned, Betradar’s sportsbook software has a range of different functions, all of which come in the form of add-ons and plug-ins that take sports betting to a fundamentally new level. If you are curious to find out more, here are some of the main plug-ins you can expect from Betradar’s sports betting software.

Statistical Database

Betradar’s Statistics Centre allows bettors to access historical data from over 40 sports across more than 1,900 tournaments. It allows users to get information about the form of a certain team or player, for example. Users can access this info regarding each season. The data is accurate and reliable and covers more than 20 years of statistics that can be used to make informed bets, which is something that bettors greatly appreciate when choosing a sportsbook. The implementation of the statistics comes in different forms and can be customised to meet your needs.

Live Centre

Betradar also supports live betting, allowing bettors across the world to place bets in real time — while the match is happening. The odds are continuously updated to reflect the game being played and the coverage of the matches is supported through their software that renders the image in real-time — the live match tracker includes sophisticated ball spotting and on-pitch animations to provide an enhanced digital offering that attracts and retains new customers.

Live Score

Betradar’s live score solution covers over 25 different sports with over 750 leagues across more than 100 countries. The plug-in is fully customisable, which means it caters to the operators’ needs. On top of that, it offers the fastest, broadest, and most comprehensive live score service in the industry. They have a team of over 7,000 data journalists who guarantee the highest accuracy in live sports information for more than 200,000 live events each year.


Apart from the aforementioned plug-ins, operators can choose to install a variety of small components that improve the quality of sportsbooks’ functionality, such as calendars, schedules, live chats, ratings, and many others.

Betradar can install sports data widgets per operators’ request, such as player performance widgets, probability widgets, etc. The widget package is customisable and operators can select whatever meets their individual needs.

Administrative Panel

Lastly, Betradar’s solution comes with an administrative panel which is one of the most important aspects for sportsbook operators as it allows you to manage all processes and keep track of everything. The administrative panel acts as a link between the frontend and backend and is easy to use, allowing operators to make necessary adjustments, update information, and more.

What Makes Betradar’s Sportsbook Software Unique?

One of the key features of Betradar’s original betting software is the statistics. Highly qualified specialists cooperate with some of the biggest sports associations to quickly deliver the most accurate data to operators.

To do that, Betradar has multiple departments within the company to analyse different types of sports. The data they collect is then processed and sorted out. Also, Betradar has a team of programmers who continuously work on improving the functionality of plug-ins and update the sportsbook software.

Finally, Betradar uses cutting-edge mathematical models, analysis of relevant information, and changes in the odds offered by the biggest sportsbooks around the world to deliver the most competitive odds on the market, which makes their products some of the most sought-after in the industry.

If you would like to start a top-notch bookie business, SoftGamings is at your disposal, so feel free to contact us and find out how you can buy sportsbook software from Betradar and create your own high-quality betting office.