Quick facts

  • Fast growing new slot provider
  • 20+ games
  • Based in London, England

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ReelNRG is one rapidly becoming of the fastest new slot providers in the industry. Their games bring with them new innovative exciting game features, which are consistent with superb graphics, animations and sound effects. ReelNRG will be a great addition to every casino.

Pros :

  • Supports 31 Languages, all currencies including Cryptocurrencies
  • Innovative gaming content
  • High-end slots
  • Jackpots
  • Unique Bonus Promotional Tools

Cons :

About the company

ReelNRG was established in 2016. The firm is based in London and licensed to operate through the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gaming Commission. They are also eCOGRA certified, so players can feel confident when choosing their games. They have a very competent development team in Hyderabad India and a sales and marketing team operating out of their Malta office.
ReelNRG is a relatively new brand that is fast climbing the ranks and without doubt competes with the top elite providers in the market already. One thing that ReelNRG is already known for is its top-tier visuals. Every game they have released features artwork that is both eye-catching and highly detailed. In many cases, the games look like they have been pulled straight from famous animation studio storyboards or high-end video game concept art. They follow this up with excellent sound effects, which are infused into the game to create seamless audio-visual experience, which only adds to the overall gameplay and excitement.

History & Milestones

  • 2016 – The company is established
  • 2017 – The company starts making its first games and expanding its scope with strategic deals
  • 2017 – The company showcases at EIG Berlin 2017 and Sigma 2017 iGaming Summit
  • 2018 – The company completes STORM, its RGS platform
  • 2018 – The company showcases at Sigma 2018
  • 2018 – The Malta Gaming Authority awards a license for ReelNRG games
  • 2019 – ReelNRG signs a deal with SoftGamings

Information About Management

ReelNRG is a privately held company headquartered in London with no disclosed information about revenue. The company’s current CEO is Calvin Kent.

Key People

  • Calvin Kent – CEO at ReelNRG
  • Harsharan Gill-Kent – Chief Product Officer at ReelNRG
  • Katie Fraser – Promotions and Brand Manager at ReelNRG

Software Features

Software: ReelNRG
Games: Slots
In-browser play: Yes
Demo play: Yes
Video quality: High
Mobile: Yes
Platform: HTML5
Game Features: wilds, multipliers, bonus rounds, and more


ReelNRG uses state-of-the-art technologies to improve its games. Its slots are made using HTML5 technology, making them available for desktop and mobile devices alike. Moreover, the company has developed a set of back-office production tools that allow statistics reporting, player and search analysis, user and rights management, and more.

Promotions & Bonuses

The company pays a lot of attention to bonus tools, with the most important one being Bonus Empire. It helps operators “reward, react or incentivize players,” using the available features in ReelNRG’s online video slots. According to the company website, this tool is similar to free spins features, but it adds a layer of excitement for slot lovers.

ReelNRG software

Unmatched Aesthetics

Every game ReelNRG has released has been stunningly created. The graphics for every video slot is reminiscent of top-tier console video games or movie-quality animation studios, which is sure to delight anyone playing their games. ReelNRG prides itself on selling each game with an interesting storyline, the level of thought and care that is poured into each title speaks to a commitment to excellence and solidifies their reputation for delivering a consistently great gaming experience for players. In addition to the graphics work, they also tend to base their games on popular locations or mythological tales, so there is a sense of familiarity that will draw attention. This level of visual appeal is something that players will love, and operators should keep an eye out for.

Feature-packed Gameplay

No games developer can be successful without slots that capture the eye and pay out well. ReelNRG utilizes features like free spin minigames, pay any way reels, sticky wilds, magical multipliers, expanding wilds and more to entice players. In every title, players will find ample opportunities to rack up big pay-outs as well as plenty of ways to increase their earnings through minigames, bonuses and storylines that offer endless entertainment.

ReelNRG are already well on their way to creating a name for themselves. Currently, their portfolio of slots is somewhat smaller, but that’s easily forgiven when you see the level of depth infused into each game. Quality over quantity is a solid strategy, and they are performing it well so far. With hat said, their game studio is releasing sometimes two new titles every month.

With beautifully detailed games, interesting themes and lots of bonuses, ReelNRG slots are competitive with plenty of big-name developers. All games are available in 31 languages and support all currencies, including Cryptocurrencies.

Technology and integration

ReelNRG has a super advanced RGS and back office platform (Storm RGS), which is based on a microservice based architecture. It includes bonus and promotional tools, the most advanced player IP detection technology, real time game controls that put the operator in control of the games in real time. A full reporting metric / dashboard, configurable bet arrays and 24/7 support.

Slot games

Wild karaoke

Theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.60%, which looks very good but doesn’t even begin to tell the story about this slot game in which you can easily win 3000 coins simply because two Wilds got nudged into position. And that happens a lot. You don’t even see the wins coming, as the animations don’t match the severity of the win, and then you realize you’ve won 75x your bet. This game doesn’t make a big deal out of it, unlike some others that celebrate getting half of your stake back. This is an excellent game that pays really well. The best non-multiplied prize you can get is 30,000 coins, and with the maximum win multiplier this rises to 150,000 coins or 3,750x your bet. Few slots can do that.

Wild Karaoke ReelNRG

Reel Hunters ReelNRG

Reel hunters

If you think that Van Helsing was right, then you’ll totally love ReelNRG’s new slot game Reel Hunters. It totally has that vampire hunter feeling with the dark and gothic design of the reels, the background and the characters and symbols. The bonus features are just as exciting as the theme as you get free spins, a bonus wheel feature and some incredibly huge multipliers.

Feria loca

Want a Latino fiesta experience? Try ReelNRG’s Feria Loca. This new online slot game is super colourful and fun and will actually get you in the mood to party all night long, dance until you can’t feel your feet and have the time of your life. On top of the lovely graphics, you also get some pretty epic bonus features: unlimited free spins, toro spins, toro accumulator payout, symbol overlay, super wild and symbol sync.

Feria Loca ReelNRG

Riches of Mockow ReelNRG

Riches of Moscow

Get ready for a truly Russian aristocrat experience from ReelNRG’s new online slot Riches of Moscow. As you will see a beautiful and rich couple on the reels, surrounded by expensive champagne, treasure chests of gold and gems and fancy cars, you will also see your bankroll growing. We landed a win on almost every single spin. And to top the RTP and the volatility off with something just as amazing, they added Moscow Multipliers between x2 and x7, Wild Replacement and Free Spins into the mix to create something amazing.

This is a perfect paytable as it offers everything you may need – it doesn’t bore you with small wins that are smaller than your bet too often, and on the other end of the spectrum there’s a really powerful symbol that can pay big prizes. And that’s exactly what you want from a slot game.

Theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.65%, which is very good, and if we know that this is a classic slot then it becomes excellent in comparison with other classic slots. That means that players who enjoy classic slots no longer have to play slots with theoretical payout 95%, 94% or even worse, but can enjoy almost 97% in Riches of Moscow. Variance is medium to high, and it feels just right, and it allows for the paytable to offer a chance of a mega win.

The reel Joker

Look out for the Reel Joker in this fast paced mystery joker game with even more surprises and rewards. Featuring Sticky Jokers and respins on top of a mystery bonus wheel! If you play the Super meter mode you can maximise your wins with generous Jokers!

The Reel Joker ReelNRG

Mobile Gaming

All ReelNRG’s games slots have been available in HTML5, featuring both portrait and landscape modes.

Software certificates

ReelNRG software is tested and certified by eCOGRA, and has undergone and passed all penetration and security, testing. Their last security audit by the UKGC went through with a clear pass on the level of quality and security required by a rigorous gambling commission.


ReelNRG has received licences in such countries as the UK, Malta, Curacao and Gibraltar, and plans to keep expanding their reach into 2020.


As you decide onto select a gaming provider, there are some things you must check out and critically investigate to dispel existing doubts and to reaffirm the authenticity of the casino provider. Below are frequently asked questions about ReelNRG:

1. Who is ReelNRG?

ReelNRG is a fast-growing provider of premium slot games, that is rapidly gaining interest in the casino market. They have been in the industry since 2016 and have already built a solid RGS along with powerful backend tools, in which they host already a catalogue of 30 games. They are committed to delivering quality products which stand out in the marketplace. Entertainment is key and is a passion and vision shared by everyone of their employees.

2. Is this ReelNRG licensed and regulated?

ReelNRG remains commitment to fairness, and trustworthiness, the gaming provider pursued and obtained certifications, accreditations and licensing in the iGaming market to foster responsible gaming. The proven gaming provider is licensed and regulated by the, Curacao Gaming Commission, Malta Gaming Commission, UK Gaming Commission and is about to receive their Gibraltar Gambling Commission licence.

3. What types of products does ReelNRG offer?

ReelNRG provides a fantastic fast-growing collection of new innovative slot games, which are built to entertain players whilst be profitable for operators. They are packed with thrilling storylines, cinematic graphics and audio packages to suit. ReelNRG knows people who love slots desire more than just winning. Players want entertainment and they would be more than happy to pay for it. The win is always of course a bonus!

4. Which ReelNRG’s games are popular?

ReelNRG puts a lot of analysis into the markets and develop their games in response to the data they receive from both the players and data. They recently extended on a hugely popular title “The Reel Joker” which included a great twist on a classic game. The response was phenomenal in the Scandinavian and Norwegian markets and is growing day by day. They have seen an even bigger success with Riches of Moscow and Ivan in other markets as well as Caifu Laile and FuQiEr in the Asian markets. Each game is delivering a profit, the players are engaged, and the company remains motivated with each successful response.

5. How is the fairness of games and security of players managed?

ReelNRG’s platform and games, as well as the random number generators (RNG), are tested and certified by independent accredited test facilities (ATF). eCOGRA Stand behind ReelNRG to ensure, all the games offered by the gaming provider are verified to meet all the regulations such as player security, fairness and protection for the markets where ReelNRG’s services are delivered.

6. Why integrate ReelNRG through SoftGamings?

SoftGamings’ unified API integration is well-packaged to seamlessly integrate the products and games from ReelNRG on any casino. The expert team at SoftGamings are responsible for overseeing the daily requests of operators while the skilled customer support specialists are always on the alert to solve potential issues and respond to routine queries. The customer support is available and accessible round the clock, 24/7.