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  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Sportsbook
  • Trusted game developer

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Asia Live Tech is the First Bitcoin iGaming Software Provider in Asia. It is the foremost provider of cost and effective online casino solution with 24/7 Customer support for an enjoyable service.

Pros :

  • Highly Customizable service
  • 24/7 Technical Assistance
  • Safe & Secure protection against Hacking and DDOS attacks
  • Unhindered accessibility all over the world

Cons :

  • Hardly Any

About the iGaming Software Provider

Asia Live Game is an iGaming Software Provider that provides cost and effective Online Casino Solution, Products and Games from a legal and licensed land-based casino in Cambodia.

Asia Live Tech, the profound iGaming provider was established in 2011 and it is based in Svay Rieng, Cambodia. The platform has enough and capable workers in place to offer quality service to casino operators, it has employed between 800-1000 workers from inception and there are about 100 working as live dealers.

The platform is geared towards providing the most modern online games and technology solutions to casino operators. Though it started as a licensed land-based casinos located in Cambodia, the company was however faced with much challenges in the competitive industry.

During the course of these challenges, Asia Live Tech sorted better ways of becoming a relevant stronghold in the ever competitive Asian Gaming Market, and this gave birth to the online gaming solutions with a focus on live streaming Asian table games, Asian lotteries and keno, Sportsbook betting and some selected slot games that showcase the quality and standard of the Asian culture.

As of today, Asia Live Tech has become one of Asia’s most trusted brands in the Casino industry, earning the trust of well-known firms, with the goal of constantly surpassing its own achievements through evolving methodologies, technologies, development practices, and qualitative systems.

Asia Live Tech’s Software

This iGaming Solution provider offers cutting-edge software to casino operators, this software includes:

1. Live Dealer Casino

Asia Live Tech offers Live Dealer Casino which is an ideal solution for online gaming websites. This software provides the thrill of real games to players and it also bridges the gap between land and online casinos.

The Live Dealer Casino offers dynamic, absorbing and engaging casinos games that are operated 24/7 and accessible from any country around the world.

The Live Dealer Casino offer by this iGaming provider features:

  • Unlimited number of players in each game
  • Full-screen view
  • Game statistics updated in real time and shown on players’ screens
  • Cards are shuffled live and always in front of cameras to ensure the fair gaming and transparency
  • High/Soft Definition video streaming

With our live bundles at Softgamings, casino operators can integrate Asia Live Tech’s Live Dealer Casino to show commitment and honesty to their players due to the long-lasting record of trust and fidelity Softgamings has built in the gaming industry.

2. Slot Games

Asia Live Tech offers great slots games that which serves as crowd puller and also give endless excitement to players. These are games casino players can play for hours without getting bored or disinterested in the games.

Some of the Slot Games comes in like the traditional games in casinos, others will be interactive games and some comes in branded allowing your casino players to play in their favorite fictional universe.

Asia Live Tech’s Slot Games features:

  • Bonuses such as card games to change the experience
  • Vibrant video games
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Smooth animations

With these great varieties of choices for the player, it is sure that the players will have best gaming experience within the hours of play.

Therefore, integrate the slot games on your online casino with our “slot bundle” at Softgamings to for your casino to get higher player retention, longer playtimes for players, higher spending and better financial results.

Asia Live Tech API Integration

With Softgamings unified API, it is certain your online casino will get the edge you need over your competitors. Our team at Softgamings will set up the games you require for you on your casino to ensure customers satisfaction and entertainment diversity. With the increasing value attached to game quantity, you can stay ahead of it by providing more content and options of games for your players with our API packages at Softgamings.

Product and Platform

Asia Live Tech features the two main platforms, and these include:

1. Mobile Platform

All Asia Live Tech’s solutions and products are available on Android and iOS smartphones and Tablets. These solutions and products showcase a mobile-friendly Interface and ready for all Gaming platforms.

2. PC

All Asia Live Tech products and solutions feature inside a single full package on PC. A player can access the games as:

  • Web-Based games (No download version)
  • Desktop Application (Download version)

Asia Live Tech Licensing

Asia Live Tech is Bitcoin iGaming software provider that is licensed in Cambodia, and this has earned the provider much trust in the gaming industry.


1. Live Baccarat

There are three different versions of baccarat, which are; Punto Banco, Baccarat Squeeze and Baccarat Insurance. It features:

  • Play with 8 deck
  • Manual shuffle and deal
  • Playable on the studio table and from the casino floor
  • Tie bet pays 8:1

Asia Live Tech Live Baccarat

2. Sic Bo

Sic Bo features:

  • 3 dice
  • Offer 2 tables, one in the studio and on the casino floor
  • You bet on different outcomes of the roll of the three dice

Asia Live Tech Sic Bo

3. Fan Tan

This a typical game for the Chinese market. It features:

  • 3 dice
  • Players bet on a number going from 1 to 4 or a combination of them before setting their stakes
  • Comes in two versions

Asia Live Tech Fan Tan

4. Dragon Tiger is a fast growing and famous card game in Asia. It features:

  • It is played with a deck of 52 cards
  • Massive amount of bet in a short period of time
  • A table that can have about 80 games per hour

Asia Live Tech Dragon Tiger

Contact our team at Softgamings to purchase our “Live bundle” so that you can integrate all these engaging live games on your online casino.